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Beach Training


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If you have any problems with the registration process, please email jimmy@katyvolleyball.com

KVA Beach Training Overview:

As you have probably seen while watching the Summer Olympics, beach volleyball is exploding! It is now an NCAA sport, and players (including some former KVA players) are attending college on full scholarships awarded  to them as beach players. Beach volleyball is a lot of fun to play (and to watch), and is a tremendous help in the development of players ball handling skills, quickness, communications, decision making, and strength. Katy Beach Training will focus on the skills, communication, movement, and strategies specific to beach volleyball.  Participation in tournaments is optional. Entry fees for tournaments is not included in the cost.

All coaching will be done by paid KVA staff members. Training will focus on the skills, communication, movement, and strategies specific to beach volleyball. 

Why choose Katy Beach?????

– Great Coaching by coach Brittny and the rest of the staff!!
– Better Value! Our cost per hour for training will be lower than any nearby program that we are aware of.
– More time on the sand! We will offer up to 8 weeks of training. Most programs offer 7 weeks or less.
– Our courts provide a great environment for spectators as well as players. Spectators watch from an elevated berm surrounding the courts, offering a great view of the action.There is some shade for those that want it, and plenty of sun for those that don’t. There is also room for portable shade to be set up.
– NO RAIN OUTS! While most courts are shut down for several days after a rain, the courts we practice on are ready for play within 5 minutes after a torrential downpour. There will be NO water standing on the courts. Players are actually able to practice during the rain, as long as there isn’t any lightning nearby!